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Engagement 101

So You've Decided to propose to your girlfriend - congratulations. And you've decided that instead of her picking out the engagement ring, or designing one together, the most romantic move is to choose it youtself. Congrats again. You are about to embark on n intimidating journey into the wild world of diamond selection. 


It all starts with preparation.


     There are a few key steps that we advise in taking in preparation to selecting the perfect engagement ring. First is getting an understanding of her style. From modern to Vintage, Country, Simple, Flashy, Artsy, Sporty, and all other styles we can help specify your selection by picking up on this key element of the process. After her style is established, a price range is understoood between the jeweler and yourself and we discuss specific options available for your comfortable range. Selecting your center stone is the third step of the eqation. We review different stone shapes and select your favorite within your budget range. Figuring out her ring finger size is the final step of our process. you may have to go on a covert-ops mission 

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